We do not believe in teaching steps or moves, we believe in teaching to dance. We focus our attention on the basics, the connection with the partner, the music, and the overall body awareness. Understanding these building blocks is what will set you apart on the dance floor!

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Find us in AMSTERDAM,  AMERSFOORT & WAGENINGEN or anywhere else you want! Just invite us!

For more info on the classes in a specific city, check the city page. There you can find the schedule and the dates. Level descriptions vary for each city.


All our classes can be taken as DROP-INS. A drop-in costs EUR 15pp (TWO DROP-INS on the same day EUR 25), paid in cash, or buy ONLINE
After registering you can drop-in, you don’t need a confirmation.

Follow a course and get a discounted price! Block 3 & 4 takes 11 weeks.

COURSES (11 weeks)

1 course EUR 115
2 courses in the same block EUR 225
3 courses in the same block EUR 300
Suggested solidarity price for students & people with less means: EUR 100 for 1 course, EUR 180 for 2 courses, EUR 250 for 3 courses.
If that is too much for you, check our SOLIDARITY POLICY down below! 

The Vintage w/ DJ: Donation based. Suggested price: EUR 5
The Vintage w/Live music: Donation based. Suggested price: EUR 15
The Jazz Lobby: Included in classes Fee. Don’t take classes? EUR 15  (Also online (cklick here) for EUR 12,50)
Basement Blues w/ Live music: 
Donation based. Suggested price: EUR 15

Swing Philosophy believes it’s very important that artists, venues & organisers earn a fair income, thus our scene becomes sustainable. That is why we charge prices that are making it economically viable to pay everyone fairly.
Still, building an inclusive community is just as important to us! So, we support people that don’t have the financial possibility to attend with our solidarity policy that implies ‘GIVE WHAT YOU CAN MISS’ and NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Meaning that you can acces events & classes based on donating the money that you can miss.
If you want to make use of this policy, please email or text us. 


WEEKLY CLASSES: Transfer the fee to NL50KNAB0414261852, beneficiary Swing Philosophy. ALWAYS mention your full name (+ name of your partner if you are transferring also for them) & name of the classes that you are following.

FESTIVALS: For festivals like Bal’Damn!, The Vintage Battle of the Bands & BAZZ transfer the fee to NL69KNAB0512102112, beneficiary Swing Philosophy. ALWAYS mention your full name (+ name of your partner if you are transferring also for them) & the name of the FESTIVAL.



LEVEL 1 once or twice

LEVEL 1.5 twice

LEVEL 2 unlimited until you are advised to go to level 3

Quite often it is useful to repeat a course, as most people don’t have prior dancing experience. If you do have such an experience, the teacher will notice and advise you appropriately. For SOLO JAZZ classes, it’s up to you when you are ready for the next challenge, so give it a try and see how it goes!

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