In all our classes you will learn how to lead and follow.
You DON’T need a partner to sign up.


After each block, each student will get a PERSONAL ADVICE as to which level will suit them next, however this is our general line:

  • Level 1 twice so your basics are steady (we never teach the same material, we always handle your basics from different perspectives.)
  • Level 1.5 three times as the major vocabulary and concepts get steady in this level
  • Level 2 until we advise you to move to level 2.5


It’s up to you how much challenge you want to take.
(We advise, however, to stick with the basics until you can really dance them on music and improvise with them without thinking as that is where the real magic happens.)

PS. If we see you are progressing faster, we will move you to a higher level, as we do want you to progress as fast as possible 🙂


  • Lindy & Charleston 1 / Balboa Beginners / Shag Beginners / Blues Beginners / Solo Jazz  Beginners / Tap Beginners
    You are new to this dance style, or you have had a couple of classes.
  • Balboa Int. / Shag Int. / Blues Int.
    Your basics are steady/ you are a fast learner & you want to work on more complex moves and musicality.
  • Lindy & Charleston 1.5
    You know the 6&8 count basics for Charleston (kicks), grove walks and triple steps and you want to work on more complex moves and dig deeper in musicality.
  • Lindy & Charleston 2
    You have steady 6&8 count basics for Charleston (kicks), grove walks and triple steps, you are familiar with moves like the Swing Out & Sugar Pushes, Tandem Charleston and want to work on complex variations and add more rhythm variations to your dancing.
  • Lindy & Charleston 2.5
    The moves mentioned in level 2 are steady and you can improvise with them. You are ready to add more complex layers to your dancing and get into the brain breakers of this dance.
  • Audition Level (not available atm)
    Once folks get there we will reintroduce it, after Corona it just takes some time to get to such level as a scene. The first class is a try out class, after which we advise about your level.
  • Solo Jazz Intermediate
    You have a good vocabulary in Solo dancing and you want to expand your dancing with complex transitions & improve your musicality.