Kay was first introduced to Lindy Hop in Bern, Switzerland. Soon after, he moved to Stockholm, which is where he truly discovered his passion for the dance. Taking as many classes as possible, and social dancing as often as he could, he developed his own style of Lindy Hop, influenced by the vibrant Swedish Lindy spirit. Now residing in Utrecht, Kay is still as crazy about Lindy Hop as he was when he first discovered it. He is a resident instructor at various schools in NL and in Helsinki (Finland). In his dancing, he always strives to find a balance between being a supportive partner, creating and developing ideas together, and expressing his own individual style. 

Natalia began teaching Lindy Hop in 2005 at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society. Shortly after, she co-founded Ottawa’s first dedicated Swing school, Swing Dynamite, where she taught and mentored students and teachers for 8 years. A Swing instructor of 16 years, Natalia has taught throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Netherlands. “Natalia has a depth of teaching experience that only comes with years of nurturing dancers daily from their first steps, to first place in international competitions. She’s amazing at coaching leaders to connect clearly and master their movement, teaching followers to react instinctively and find their voice, and everyone to find the joy of dance.” Byron Alley. Professional Swing dancer

Helena is a young, yet super experineced and inspiring dancer and teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. After exploring various African American Street Styles for almost 8 years, she fell in love with Authentic Jazz dances.
Her dancing style is very playful and full of novelty, yet reminding us of the raw style of the jazz pioneers.
Helena has been travelling across the world teaching Solo Jazz at some of the biggest festivals such as Jazz Roots, The Snowball, Herrang Dance camp and ILHC where she won 1st place in Invitational Solo Jazz competition.
Her love for this culture keeps pushing her to explore it’s quality, values and history. She has gained a lot of experience as a teacher and developed an interesting and in-depth pedagogy. Her teaching style is creative, playful, extensive, and very body-awareness focused.                   Helena is extremely excited to visit us and to share her passion with our community.

Ever since he started dancing to ‘music that swings’, Semih got completely hooked on rhythmically moving his body. Just as the Swing Era dances were therapeutic for the generation that had been through the Great Depression and WWII, Semih enjoys teaching jazz dancing as a counter-statement for the hectic modern way of living. Aspiring to embody flow, agility, effortlessness, and musicality in his solo and partnered dance, he continues to hone his technique and discover his body.

Restless to keep on learning, Teodora is 24/7 busy with Swing and the ways swing dance changes people’s lives. She firmly believes that anyone can dance and makes sure to let her students feel that during her classes. Whether that will be with analyzing the technic behind the Funky Chicken (yes, she likes to get cheeky and geeky) or with practical tips so that you can keep on practicing alone at home, you will feel that you are supported in your dance journey and that she is ready to dance with you solo or partnered! 

This is Iris and she is a Lindyholic! When she first saw a couple of amazing dancers (Richard and Yvonne) swinging out to a jazzy song, she simply had to know more! More than 10 years later, she is still captivated by the stylish playfulness of Lindy Hop, especially on juicy mid-tempo songs when you can make every step swing. As a teacher she likes to experiment, so the classes she teaches are nothing less than the most playful experiments. Take a leap of faith and swing on a chair or a hoop!

Trying not to compromise on his bounce, Jasper is hopping from party to party until he basically can’t stand on his feet anymore. Never stopping to challenge himself, you will find him doing experimental footwork, complicated moves and improvising. However, he always leaves room for his partners to try the same! During his teaching, he is always ready to provide personal attention, as he knows that we all have to start somewhere.