We do not believe in teaching steps or moves, we believe in teaching people to dance. That is why we focus our attention on the basics, the connection with the partner and the music and the overall body awareness of our dancers. Understanding these building blocks is what will set you apart on the dance floor!

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To sign up please fill in the Google form. One form per couple. Sign up alone and we will do our best to match you with a partner. Due to the current Covid regulations we do not rotate partners.

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Each course takes 4 weeks of 1h class a week. One course costs EUR 45 (EUR 35 if you are having financial troubles due to Corona). Two courses cost EUR 40 per course, EUR 80 for both (EUR 70 if you are having financial troubles due to Corona). Online Solo Jazz classes cost EUR 40 (EUR 30 if you are having financial troubles due to Corona). Solo Jazz classes (live & online) can be done as drop-in(s), in which case a single class costs EUR 15.

This does not apply to Swing4Fit, these classes are donations based. Suggested donation EUR 5.

Free Tasters 

Wanna work-out, socialize and have fun at the same time? Try Lindy Hop! During the taster, you will get to experience the joy that swing dance brings into our lives. When:

19 September (13 – 13.45h) or (17 – 17.45h)
22 September (18 – 18.45h)
24 September (19 – 19.45h)

Where: Van het Hofflaan 27 (if the weather is good as its outside) and otherwise Grand Cafe Frankendael (Middenweg 116)